Sunday, September 20, 2009

Evanston Results/Bob Firman Invitational

Another excellent week for Star Valley Cross Country is in the books. Last Wednesday we traveled to Evanston to see the Regional course and check out the competition from Green River, Rawlins, Evanston, and Lyman and came home with buckets of hardware. Once again the girls logged a perfect score and Ashley Hall put in the performance of the week by keeping the gap to 45 seconds despite taking a digger part way through the race. The boys also showed their strength in pack running by edging out Green River for the win despite not placing anyone in the top 3. This next week we will be traveling to Eagle Island State Park in Boise to take on over 80 schools and get a preview of the Nike Northwest Regional Course at the Bob Firman Invitational. We will be competing with the division 1 (large schools). Click on the "Bob Firman" for race times. We will leave Friday morning at 10:00 and travel to Boise. We will check in then we will preview the course and stop for something to eat. (Please remember that School District Policy will provide for meals only on the second day.) Keep working hard and all your wildest dreams will come true...if you don't believe your coaches just ask Pedro...

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