Monday, October 26, 2009

"Life is full of risks even the devil wouldn't take."

A looooong bus ride to Sheridan this last weekend and the SV harriers were able to strut their stuff for the rest of the state. On the boy's side nearly every runner ran a personal best to lead us to a 9th place finish. Everyone will be back next year, and men, its time to take another big step forward with some serious running this spring and summer. The girls came to win it and came up a bit short. Ladies, I know you don't consider a 3rd place a good thing but remember to keep it in perspective...this year you amassed more wins than any other xc team in school history-combined. Any other sport at the school would love to be 6-2 against individual opponents. We are doing the right things. We will retool, tighten the ship and then be back for blood next year. Use the disappointment to fuel your desire. To all runners we have had an amazing trip this fall. Thanks for making SVXC what it is. Seniors, thanks for your contributions. We will miss you.

Those who are interested in running at the Nike Northwest Regional on 11/14. Please meet in Coach D's room Wednesday at homeroom. We will practice after we meet.

State results HERE.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spaghetti Feed Tomorrow 6 p.m. in Cafeteria

Spaghetti feed tomorrow 6 p.m. in Cafeteria

Parents and families of all SVHS Cross Country runners are invited to join us for Spaghetti in the high school cafeteria tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Please bring some bread or a salad to share. We will provide the pasta, sauce, and drink. Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 19, 2009

On to State in Sheridan

Friday was the 4A west conference meet in Evanston. Another great performance by the Braves and Lady Braves. As a team the JV boys finished 3rd, the Varsity boys were barely bumped from a podium spot and the JV Girls and varsity girls cleaned up winning their respective races. Times from the races are found here.

The bus for state will be hitting the road at 6 a.m. on Friday morning. Pack your flats, uniforms, and speed as it is time to roll the dice and make a withdrawal from the bank!

State details/race times can be found here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Regional XC!


1:30 PM

Location Bear River State Park
Exit 6 of I-80 (East exit)

Bus Parking
Available at the State Park close to the starting area

Hospitality Area
Will be at the shelter near the start area. Coaches, workers, administrators and bus drivers are welcome.

Course Fairly flat, with 2/3 asphalt and 1/3 hard gravel trail.

Walk Through Runners and coaches may walk through the trail on Friday morning prior to the starting time. The course will not be set up until Friday morning.

General Information Restrooms are available, but, shower and dressing facilities will be at the high school if needed. We will not provide towels.

Coaches Information Coaches will receive a packet with the runner identification stickers. Please make sure the information is correct and the runner has the sticker on the upper left side of their running top.
We will run 7 boys and girls in the Varsity division. The Junior Varsity divisions may have 7 entrants.
We must have a roster of runners and a team photo mailed or faxed to Dauna Bruce by Wed., Oct. 7.

T-Shirts We are selling Conference meet T-shirts for the cost of $20. If you would like to make a team order to guarantee that your team members get the size they want, orders must be placed by Oct. 12th. We will collect the money when the teams arrive.

Starting Times 1:00 PM Coaches Meeting
1:15 PM National Anthem
1:30 PM Girls JV
2:00 PM Boys JV
2:30 PM Girls Varsity
3:00 PM Boys Varsity

* We have been questioned about the possibility of combining JV and Varsity races. If you have a strong opinion about this please call. We can discuss this after we have received the entries if you wish. If we combine time adjustments will be made to start times.

Awards Girls JV 1-10th places ribbons
Boys JV 1-10th places ribbons
Girls Varsity 1-10th places Conference awards
Boys Varsity 1-10th places Conference awards

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bob Conley Invitational-Pocatello

The cool weather couldn't cool off the times at the Bob Conley Invitational held on the campus of Highland High School in Pocatello. 20 schools and 15 full teams participated in the meet. The JV teams got us started off right with some huge personal best by Gabe, and big and little Ben's. Keep up the good work fellas. The girls JV, despite not filling a full team also ran to personal bests- Charli took a huge chunk of time off to lead the girls and score a medal with a time of 23:35.22 and Zandi killed it-almost breaking 24 minutes in the process and is definitely in the hunt for the most improved award this year. The Rebeccas also score season bests.

The girls race was almost more nerve-wracking after the race than during...when they finally figured the scores correctly Star Valley had won handily with 71 points over Twin falls with 105. Hailey posted a personal best again running 19:50, followed closely by Brittney (who will break 20 minutes soon) and Brooke who ran 15th despite taking a digger. Randi ran with the leaders for much of the race before her recent illness got the best of her but she managed to hold on to 17th. Ashley went to the pain cave early and often, Abby ran a personal best, and Kirsten is finally getting back in form after dealing with injury for the last couple of years. Nice work ladies, lets keep the momentum going!

On the boys side they brought their "A" game. Learning from their slow start at Bear Lake the week before--the men of Star Valley got out early and often and buzzed through the course running many personal bests and running six runners within a minute of each other. Keep running hard men...lets earn some hardware of your own. Competing and running strong as a team may be enough to win it next weekend.

Official results were as follows:

24 Micheal Rider 10 Star Valley 18:00.00
32 Jared Inskeep 11 Star Valley 18:11.00
41 David Livingston 9 Star Valley 18:25.49
58 Nathan Merritt 11 Star Valley 18:51.31
66 Cody Rich 12 Star Valley 19:05.88
72 Taylor Kennington 11 Star Valley 19:18.38

8 Star Valley 214 24 32 40 56 62 68 -
Total Time: 1:32:34 Average: 18:30.74 1-5 Split: 1:06

6 Hailey Ricks 9 Star Valley 19:49.93
7 Brittney Nethercott 10 Star Valley 20:05.06
15 Brooke Nethercott 10 Star Valley 20:30.31
17 Randi Robinson 12 Star Valley 20:45.47
34 Ashley Hall 10 Star Valley 21:52.78
40 Abby McArthur 11 Star Valley 22:14.15
47 Kirsten McKen 12 Star Valley 22:24.21

1 Star Valley 71 5 6 14 15 31 37 44
Total Time: 1:43:04 Average: 20:36.71 1-5 Split: 2:03

8 Charli Fisher 12 Star Valley 23:35.22
17 Zandi Chamberlain 9 Star Valley 23:58.94
43 Rebecca Ryan 9 Star Valley 26:05.12
69 Rebecca Jenkins 9 Star Valley 28:02.5

19 Ben Sabat 9 Star Valley 20:05.06
20 Gabe Waldron 9 Star Valley 20:06.28
41 Brad Deyholos 12 Star Valley 20:46.78
43 Ben McArthur 10 Star Valley 20:48.46
84 Chris Sessions 12 Star Valley 22:31.90

7 Star Valley 160 17 18 35 37 53 - -
Total Time: 1:44:18 Average: 20:51.70 1-5 Split: 2:27

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bear Lake Photos

Coach Ricks once again caught the SV harriers in action...check them out.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bear Lake/Bob Conley--Pocatello 10/10

With three weeks left in the season the Braves and Lady Braves brought in the homecoming week with a bang. Amid the snow, cold, and some healthy competition from 11 schools the Star Valley runners continued their quest for perfection. The Braves were led by David Livingston to a 4th place finish. The girls charged to the front of the pack (literally) with super performances by Hailey, Brittney, Brooke, Ashley, and Abby to win the meet and to beat the Soda girls for the first time in school history. We are looking to continue to improve and get over our "niggles" and colds to put on our best performances of the year at State.

Bob Conley this upcoming Saturday. Below is the information for our meet this weekend. The bus leaves at 6:15 a.m. Saturday morning. Pack a lunch, your racing flats, and your race-face and we'll tangle with some schools from Idaho one more time before heading into conference action.

Course Description
next to Highland golf course, east of the freeway

Race Divisions
Mens Races
2,500 Meters middle school 9:30 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity 10:40 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity 12:00 PM
Womens Races
2,500 Meters middle school 9:00 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity 10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity 11:20 AM

Driving Directions to Highland High School:
Take I86 or I15 towards Pocatello, Idaho. Once in Pocatello take Exit 71 and turn east on Pocatello Creek Rd. Next, go north on Olympus Dr. Continue north on Olympus Dr. until you come to North Fairway. At North Fairway turn east until you come to Bench Rd. At Bench Rd. turn south and follow the road to the Highland High School general parking lot.

Highland High School has three parking lots available on campus. The three parking lots on campus have 600 FREE parking spaces. Additional parking is available at the Bannock County Fairgrounds, located across the street from Highland High School on Church Hill Downs Rd.

Girls Middle School Top 5 Medal
Boys Middle School Top 5 Medal
Girls J.V. Top 10 Medal
Boys J.V. Top 10 Medal
Girls Varsity Top 15 Medal
Boys Varsity Top 15 Medal

Members of the Girl’s & Boy’s Varsity Team Champions will receive Championship Medals and

The Girl’s & Boy’s Varsity Team Champions will also receive Championship Plaques.