Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NCAA Cross Country Championships

A lot of hype for this year's races. In the end the PAC-10 dominated with the Washington Women and Oregon men winning team crowns. Check out the video below post race with the men's individual champ Galen Rupp from Oregon. Check out Flotrack.org for interviews and information on the race.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Great job this season. Fighting, scratching, and clawing you managed to produce your best times and efforts when it mattered most. Countless hours and miles resulting in a 3rd place and 5th place at state. Congrats. It was not what we wanted or hoped for but it is progress. Seniors, we will miss you. Underclassmen, we have to recommit ourselves to achieving greatness. It will take a lot of miles and growing up to reach our goals but with the right amount of attitude and commitment we WILL make it happen.

Awards will be on Thursday night, November 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the Choir room. Please invite your parents. We will also be collecting XC gear at the track closet on Wednesday the 5th from 3:45-4:45 p.m.


Brooke Nethercott 10th-20:36
Brittney Nethercott 11th-20:52
Tiffany Nethercott 18th-21:16
Alicia Inskeep 27th-21:43
Aislinn Lewis 28th-21:47
Abby McArthur-36th-22:20
Kirsten McKen-59th-23:22

Jason Livingston 4th-17:04
Cody Brough 7th-17:10
Lyle Dickey 22nd-18:02
Josh Dustin 27th-18:15
Jared Inskeep 52nd-18:52
Tyler Skinner 70th- 19:35
Taylor Kennington 75th-19:59

Thursday, October 23, 2008

STATE 2008 Cha-Ching!

The State Meet will be held in Sheridan at the State VA Hospital Grounds:

The VA is located on Fort Road. Take Exit 20 (The last exit to the north) off of I-90 and travel south for a little over 1/2 mile on Main Street to Fort Road located just pas the railroad tracks. Turn right on Fort Road/Hwy 337 and follow the road up the hill for about 3/4 of a mile and it will run right into the VA Grounds Entrance. Continue for a little over a half mile along the tree lined street until you get to an intersection with a parking lot to the left. Stay on the mainroad to the left and you will enter the race area near the flagpole. Please park the buses on the right hand side of the street of "The Loop" will circle around and end up near the flagpole/Start Line.

Admission for the public is $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for students

We will race at the following times (approximate) on Saturday.

4A Girls- 11:40
4A Boys- 1:25

We will head home after awards. We will try to get home before 2 a.m. Sunday morning, if we cannot we will stay in Riverton and return home Sunday morning after a little rest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Regional XC!

Sunny skies and great competition led to some great results this weekend. If you are not happy with how everything went down...you have an opportunity to redeem yourself this coming Saturday.


Brittney Nethercott 4th-21:04
Brook Nethercott 6th-21:22
Tiffany Nethercott 7th-21:26
Alicia Inskeep 10th-21:37
Aislinn Lewis 13th-22:15
Abby McArthur 19th-23:03
Kirsten McKen 25th 23:37

Jason Livingston 3rd-17:07
Cody Brough 6th-17:26
Lyle Dickey 9th- 17:37
Josh Dustin 19th-18:31
Jared Inskeep 29th-19:11
Tyler Skinner 32nd-19:32
Nathan Merritt 6th (JV)-20:17
Michael Rider 7th (JV)-20:23
Logan Christensen 12th (JV)-20:56
Caleb McArthur 14th (JV)-21:00
Brad Deyholos 19th (JV)-21:15

...even though critics may doubt you...it's okay to believe...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Time to cash in on all that hard work you've put in all this season. Be calm, strong, and confident. And if you need any motivation, well, its time to run like you've stolen something! (Check out the first 45 seconds of this commercial)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feed the Warrior

There are now less than 2 weeks in the season! With the extreme weather we are having take some extra time to take care of yourself. It is crucial that you are eating, sleeping, hydrating, and keeping stress as low as possible. Take care of those "niggles" so you can make a big "withdrawal" in Sheridan! Feed the Warrior-and kill the coward

Friday, October 10, 2008

Riverton Cancelled!

Due to wintery conditions on the other side of the mountains today's meet was canceled. Our Regional meet will be held on 10/17 @ 1 p.m. on the Paradise Valley Golf Course. Keep your chins up and the snow out of your eyes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Berry Bryant Invitational 10/10

The bus will roll out of town on 8:20 Friday morning for Riverton. We will stop at Holdaway, Silverstar, and Alpine to pick people up on the way. You will need to pack a lunch and bring a dinner and/or $ for dinner. We will be back home late Friday night.

The race will be at the CWC Campus @ 821 N. Hill St. (you will see it on the left before you enter Riverton.)

Race times:

Girls Varsity- 4:00
Boys Varsity-4:30
Boys JV- 5:00

There will be medals for the top 10 varsity boys and girls, ribbons for top 10 JV.

Orem Kiwanis Results

More rain and slop this weekend. Excellent work. Things are tuning up well for State in Sheridan on the 25th. Keep working hard....we don't deserve victory quite yet but we are getting closer! Sorry ladies, no more "under the radar!"

Brittney Nethercott- 14th- 20:57.9
Brooke Nethercott- 17th- 21:24.4
Tiffany Nethercott- 19th- 21:50.2
Alicia Inskeep-20th- 21:51
Aislinn Lewis-26th- 22:12.2
Kirsten McKen-27th-22:13.9
Abby McArthur-45th-23:30.3

Jason Livingston 8th-17:12.9
Cody Brough 10th-17:15.1
Lyle Dickey 26th-18:05
Josh Dustin 29th-18:16
Tyler Skinner 60th-19:27.4
Jared Inskeep 63rd-19:29.6
Taylor Kennington 20:08.4

Boys JV
Caleb McArthur 28th-20:48.7
Michael Rider 30th-20:53.4
Logan Christensen 32nd-20:55.4
Brad Deyholos 33rd-20:55.6
Nathan Merritt 49th- 21:27.3

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Orem Kiwanis this Weekend

We are headed to Orem this weekend for the Orem Kiwanis Invitational at the UVU campus. Teams from Utah and Wyoming will be duking it out for 1A-5A honors. The bus will leave at noon on Friday. Star Valley Teams will be running at 9:30, 10:30, 11:00.

Race schedule for Saturday.

Utah Valley University Intramural Field (west side of campus)
8:00 a.m. Check-in
8:30 a.m. Coaches Meeting
9:00 a.m. JV Girls Race
9:30 a.m. JV Boys 1A-4A Race
10:00 a.m. JV Boys 5A Race
10:30 a.m. Varsity Girls Race
11:00 a.m. Varsity Boys Race
11:30 a.m. Open Race and Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wet and Muddy at Bob Firman!

After a mucky, slimy, wet start of the day we were able to get down to business. The atmosphere was great and the competition stiff. The ladies stole the show running 6 within 35 seconds and the boys also closed the gap considerably. With 4 weeks to go in the season there is still work to do and time to shave! Take care of yourselves and DO WORK! The DOJO and GLORY await!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This weekend we will be traveling to the Bob Firman Invitational, site of the 2008 Idaho State Cross Country Championships. There will be a ton of competition, including the #1 boys team in the nation!

The bus will leave at noon on Friday and we will be back in the valley late Saturday night. Remember that you need to bring a lunch and $ to cover dinner for Friday and we will take care of you on Saturday. For schedule of races, schools competing, maps, and other information click HERE.

Star Valley Invitational

Star Valley High School defended their turf with tenacity and style last Wednesday at the Cedar Creek Golf Course at Star Valley Ranch. The ladies started it off by finishing two in the top ten and six in the top 14, finishing a close second to the powerhouse 2-time defending state champ Soda Springs Cardinals. Individual results for the girls race:

Brittney Nethercott- 5th- 22:30
Alicia Inskeep-10th-22:51
Brooke Nethercott-11th-23:05
Tiffany Nethercott-12th-23:24
Kirsten McKen-13th-23:28
Aislinn Lewis-14th-23:29
Abby McArthur-18th-25:22
Marci Bowers-30th-27:28
Charli Fisher-36th-27:58

The Boys defended their home turf, bringing home the invitational team trophy for a second year in a row, placing 4 in the top ten and 6 in the top seventeen with Jared Inskeep and Tyler Skinner finishing in a dead heat. Individual results for the boys race:

Jason Livingston-1st- 17:42
Cody Brough-2nd-17:48
Lyle Dickey-7th-19:02
Josh Dustin-9th-19:17
Jared Inskeep-16th-20:07
Tyler Skinner-17th-20:07
Taylor Kennington-27th-21:02
Logan Christensen-32nd-21:42
Nathan Merritt-33rd- 21:44
Michael Rider-37th-22:06
Brad Deyholos-39th-22:21
Caleb McArthur-40th-22:52

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cardinal Classic Results/Home Meet Tomorrow

Here are the results from Saturday's meet in Soda Springs. My records show that our times are coming down. Most ran 20-30 seconds faster than last year-others nearly 2 minutes! Keep up the good work.

Jason Livingston 6th-17:35.64
Cody Brough 15th-18:00.83
Josh Dustin 49th-18:58.14
Tyler Skinner 96th-20:22.01

Brittney Nethercott 44th-22:43.35
Brooke Nethercott 47th-22:45.69
Alicia Inskeep 49th-22:54.45
Tiffany Nethercott 52nd-23:09.33
Aislinn Lewis 55th-23:25.31
Kirsten McKen 61st-23:36.95

Girls Varsity 9th of 21 teams!

Jared Inskeep 42nd-20:36.38
Taylor Kennington 52nd 21:05.06
Logan Christensen 64th 21:36.05
Nathan Merritt 81st-21:58.98
Michael Rider 86th-22:20.76
Caleb McArthur 123rd-23:30.49

201 JV boy runners

Abby McArthur 15th-24:48.31
Charli Fisher 115th-28:56.78

173 JV girl runners


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time Change

Note the time change below. We will be leaving for Soda at 7:15 on Saturday:) Believe in now!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cardinal Classic this Saturday

We will be running at the Cardinal Classic this weekend! Time to compete--finally! The bust will leave the HS at 7:15 a.m. We will travel through the lower valley stopping at Thayne Elementary and Silverstar to pick up athletes. We will then travel over Tincup Road to Kelly Park. Located North of downtown Soda Springs. (When coming through Tincup canyon you will turn left to park before reaching the town of Soda Springs. If you travel via Montpellier you will need to take overpass at the first light in Soda and follow signs toward Greys Lake. Turn right before you leave town.) The tentative schedule is as follows:

9:00am Coaches/Citizens Race 5000 meters
10:00am Middle School (7th/8th grade) Girls 2400 meters
10:30am Middle School (7th/8th grade) Boys 2400 meters
11:00am Junior Varsity Girls (Div. A and B) 5000 meters
11:40am Junior Varsity Boys (Div. A and B) 5000 meters
12:20pm Varsity Girls Division A and B 5000 meters
1:00pm Varsity Boys Division A and B 5000 meters

Get Ready to run Fast!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Practice on your own Monday!

No hills. Run 45 minutes on your own. Everyone is stoked, especially Cody!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Season Schedule

This will be our schedule for this season. Please check back often for updates, maps, details as competition days approach.

September 6th- Cardinal Invitational-Kelly Park
September 10th- Star Valley Invite- SVR
September 20th- Bob Fuhrman Invitational- Eagle Island Park, Boise
October 4th- Orem Kiwanis Invite- UVU Campus
October 10th- Berry Bryant Inviate- Riverton
October 18th- Regionals @ Natrona
October 25th- State @ Sheridan- Veteran Hospital Grounds

Notes: There will be morning practice this Friday @ 6:45- then you have the weekend off until Monday night @ 7:00 p.m. - Meet at Afton Cemetery for some delicious hills. Be there or there will be egg on your face;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Meet at the high school tonight at 11:50 for Midnight Madness III. Bring clothes to run and your sleeping gear. We will run shortly after midnight (course to be determined), after which we will have a short goal-setting session, breakfast, a little sleep, (hopefully w/out sprinklers:) and then a second run at 7:30 a.m. See you there!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Now that we have camp and the Swift Creek run under our belts-Midnight Madness looms in the not-so-distant future.
We will be meeting @ 11:45 on 8/17. Bring your running clothes and sleeping gear. Our first run/practice will happen on 8/18 at 12:00:01. After our run there will be breakfast and a short goal-setting session. After a short night's rest we will put in our second run at 8 a.m. and get you the rest of your paperwork. (Remember that you need a physical dated after 7/1 of this year.)
Keep hammering and we'll see you soon!

You'll have all season to exact revenge on your coaches who smoked you at the Swift Creek 5k:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summit View Camp this week!

Those of you that missed this week's run up the Cedar Creek Trail surely missed an experience: all the single-track rocks, hills, dirt, and otter pops you could stand! Excellent work Kirsten, Alicia, Logan, Jared, Cody, and Josh. Way to run like animals!!

Lots of XC action in the next few weeks. Here are a few of the opportunities to get lean, mean, and fast.
1. Summit View Camp 7/24-7/26
-Bus leaves the high school 7/24 @ 10 a.m. for Summit View Campground
-2 days and night of nothing but running, fun, learning, running and running
-We will return home by 2 p.m. Saturday
*If you have not mailed your forms/$ to Coach Horsley just bring it to the camp with you.

2. Ultimate frisbee @ the Afton Tabernacle 7 p.m. 7/23--no-contact frisbee & ice cream:)

3. Swift Creek 5k-Fair week, watch the Independent for details..

4. MIDNIGHT MADNESS-12:00:01 A.M. 8/18!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's your Excuse?

With 5 weeks until the season begins what are you doing to get ready? If you've had a hard time getting out the door-check this out.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Team Run This Week

Due to circumstances beyond our control there will be no team run this week. Enjoy the 4th of July with your family and keep running. Don't take anything for granted. Check out the article here.....and remember, "Don't count on tomorrow."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Training Begins!

If you haven't started already this is the big kickoff week for summer training. For those who can make it we will be meeting at "Wicki-up" in Dry Creek Canyon (approximately 1.5 miles south of fitness center on Hwy 89, turn East and drive another 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile) this Wednesday at 7 p.m. Remember that your individual success and the team's success depend on you getting in quality training NOW!-So get out there and run!