Monday, October 26, 2009

"Life is full of risks even the devil wouldn't take."

A looooong bus ride to Sheridan this last weekend and the SV harriers were able to strut their stuff for the rest of the state. On the boy's side nearly every runner ran a personal best to lead us to a 9th place finish. Everyone will be back next year, and men, its time to take another big step forward with some serious running this spring and summer. The girls came to win it and came up a bit short. Ladies, I know you don't consider a 3rd place a good thing but remember to keep it in perspective...this year you amassed more wins than any other xc team in school history-combined. Any other sport at the school would love to be 6-2 against individual opponents. We are doing the right things. We will retool, tighten the ship and then be back for blood next year. Use the disappointment to fuel your desire. To all runners we have had an amazing trip this fall. Thanks for making SVXC what it is. Seniors, thanks for your contributions. We will miss you.

Those who are interested in running at the Nike Northwest Regional on 11/14. Please meet in Coach D's room Wednesday at homeroom. We will practice after we meet.

State results HERE.

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Rhonda said...

Very well put Coach!!