Monday, October 11, 2010


We will be hosting regional xc this Friday. Race schedule will be as follows:

Girls Varsity 12:30
Boys Varsity
Girls JV 1
Boys JV1
JV2- Boys and girls combined (due to conference by-laws only 7 athletes will be allowed to compete in the varsity and jv1 races from each team. So that all athletes can run we added a 5th race that will be girls/boys combined.) On the first day of the general hunt let's hunt some tiger, wolverine, mustangs, fillies, and red devils!


kevin's clan! said...

coach when will boys jv1 run? and how will we know which boys will run in it or the Jv2 race. Just need info for some grandmas coming, thanks for all you do!

TD said...

we will just run them through as fast as we can. I am guessing 35-40 minutes for each race. We will let the kids know which race they are running tonight at practice. The end is coming fast now!