Monday, October 6, 2008

Orem Kiwanis Results

More rain and slop this weekend. Excellent work. Things are tuning up well for State in Sheridan on the 25th. Keep working hard....we don't deserve victory quite yet but we are getting closer! Sorry ladies, no more "under the radar!"

Brittney Nethercott- 14th- 20:57.9
Brooke Nethercott- 17th- 21:24.4
Tiffany Nethercott- 19th- 21:50.2
Alicia Inskeep-20th- 21:51
Aislinn Lewis-26th- 22:12.2
Kirsten McKen-27th-22:13.9
Abby McArthur-45th-23:30.3

Jason Livingston 8th-17:12.9
Cody Brough 10th-17:15.1
Lyle Dickey 26th-18:05
Josh Dustin 29th-18:16
Tyler Skinner 60th-19:27.4
Jared Inskeep 63rd-19:29.6
Taylor Kennington 20:08.4

Boys JV
Caleb McArthur 28th-20:48.7
Michael Rider 30th-20:53.4
Logan Christensen 32nd-20:55.4
Brad Deyholos 33rd-20:55.6
Nathan Merritt 49th- 21:27.3

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