Monday, October 20, 2008

Regional XC!

Sunny skies and great competition led to some great results this weekend. If you are not happy with how everything went have an opportunity to redeem yourself this coming Saturday.


Brittney Nethercott 4th-21:04
Brook Nethercott 6th-21:22
Tiffany Nethercott 7th-21:26
Alicia Inskeep 10th-21:37
Aislinn Lewis 13th-22:15
Abby McArthur 19th-23:03
Kirsten McKen 25th 23:37

Jason Livingston 3rd-17:07
Cody Brough 6th-17:26
Lyle Dickey 9th- 17:37
Josh Dustin 19th-18:31
Jared Inskeep 29th-19:11
Tyler Skinner 32nd-19:32
Nathan Merritt 6th (JV)-20:17
Michael Rider 7th (JV)-20:23
Logan Christensen 12th (JV)-20:56
Caleb McArthur 14th (JV)-21:00
Brad Deyholos 19th (JV)-21:15

...even though critics may doubt's okay to believe...

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